DIY Disney – Homemade Mickey balloons

It was my girlfriend’s birthday in March and I decided to jazz up the usual birthday balloons a little, with a sprinkling of DIY Disney…

Every time we’ve visited Disneyworld we have seen those balloons on Main Street and thought about getting one – but always deciding against it because they are quite expensive considering we can’t exactly take it home.

In March I took matters into my own hands and decided that if we can’t go to Disney, i’ll bring a little Disney to us and doing a little DIY Disney, I made some homemade Main Street balloons.

I found some Mickey head balloons from Ebay, 10 balloons for £13 and whilst there, I managed to find a number of larger see through balloons from Ebay which were £8.

At Morrison’s I picked up a canister of helium for about £20 and on the morning of her birthday I set off creating some magic!

It was painful! You have to put the Mickey head balloon inside the larger one, then use the helium to inflate the larger balloon only, before then inflating the Mickey balloon only a little bit as well. Keep doing this until you have a both balloons full size.

If the Mickey ears don’t feel like they will pop out just keep blowing it up, it may feel like it is going to blow up but it won’t…hopefully.

The end result? a Mickey head balloon for £4! What do you think?

Disney DIY
Homemade Mickey head balloon



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