Product Review – Maple & Whisky Disney scented candles

maple and whisky disney candles
Maple and Whisky

One year in a search for Disney inspired Christmas presents I stumbled across Maple and Whisky on Etsy.

With over 17,000 sales they’re obviously doing something right with their Disney scented candles.

Maple & Whisky

Main Street Bakery, Main Street Popcorn, Philharmagic, Beach club, Rice Krispie Treat, the list goes on and on. These are just some of the Disney scented candles that Maple and Whisky offer on their Etsy store.

Candles come in different varieties and prices, from Wax melts at £2.50 to 12oz jar candles for £10.50. I picked up some Soarin’ wax melts (They now offer all three Soarin’ Around the World Scents) and a Main Street Bakery scented Jar.

Delivery was quick and reasonably priced and the candles were well packaged.

Wax Melts

disney scented candle wax melts
Disney scented wax melts

The scent of Soarin’ is pleasant and just about the right strength when using 1 cube. The wax melts seem to give off the smell for a decent amount of time. There are plenty of choices for the wax melts (and many come in Jar version also);

  • Adventure is Out There
  • Arendelle
  • Beach Club
  • Butterbeer
  • Campfire Sing-A-Long
  • Castle Club
  • Citrus Swirl
  • Contemporary
  • Days of Christmas
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Frozen Lemonade
  • Jungle Juice
  • Karamell Küche
  • Lotso’s Hugs
  • Main St Bakery
  • Main St Popcorn
  • Mickey Waffles
  • Old Faithful Club
  • Over California
  • Philharmagic
  • Pineapple Lanai
  • Plaza Ice Cream
  • Poison Apple
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Rice Krispie Treat
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Spirit of Aloha
  • Sugar Rush
  • The Grand
  • Tomb Sweet Tomb
  • Tonga Toast
  • Writer’s Stop

Jar Candles

The Main Street Bakery jar smelt great but was probably a little too strong for my small living room (But brought back happy memories)  the candle has burned for many hours and still has many more to go (Apparently around 60 hours burning time for the soy wax variety). I picked this 8oz candle up for £7.50.

Main Street Bakery scented candle

With good burning time, accurate scents and reasonable prices, I recommend picking up a couple of Disney scented candles for those evenings when you’re dreaming of being at Disney.

The company has over 2,000 reviews with a 5 star rating – one of which is from myself.

You can buy from Maple & Whisky here and follow them on Twitter here.

* Personal recommendation, not sponsored.

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