Dining review – Gaston’s Tavern, Fantasyland

Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland

Every time I visit the Magic Kingdom at WDW I make time (and room) for a visit to Gaston’s Tavern, a quick service located in Fantasyland.

One particular menu item calls me there…

Gaston’s Tavern

Located at the back of Fantasyland, not far from the Little Mermaid ride, is Gaston’s Tavern. Fantastically themed in and out, this quick counter service offers snacks such as mixed vegetables cups, hummus with chips, fruit cups and also my favourite…warm cinnamon rolls.

gaston's tavern front view
Gaston’s front

Before you venture inside, take the opportunity to get a picture in front of the statue and pop into ‘Bonjour! Village gifts’ just over the road for some great Beauty and the Beast merchandise.

On entry into the Tavern you’ll be met by an ample counter, and usually a small queue. To the left are a number of seating options and through the door on the right there’s more.

gaston's tavern menu
Gaston’s Tavern Menu

Recommended Choices

The first time I went i’d never actually had a cinnamon roll in America before, but on walking in I saw them and for $4.49 just had to have one.

warm cinnamon roll
Warm Cinnamon roll

I’ve eaten a lot of things on my Disney holidays, but this is one of the nicest. I’ve tried Cinnabon more recently at a trip to Universal and although decent, just didn’t compare.

You can wash down your roll with a LeFou’s brew. Frozen apple juice with a taste of marshmallow, topped with a Passion fruit-mango foam. Of course there’s an option for a souvenir cup, and of course I took up that option and chose Gaston’s souvenir stein.

lefous brew
LeFou’s Brew

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat between meals then Gaston’s is definitely worth a visit.

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